Glass & Such Studio is a home studio in Edmonton, AB, Canada where I’ve been making glass beads since 2000 as a hobby and in 2005 I decided to get a bit more serious about it.
  With some background on silversmith, beading, fine arts and textile, I’m now exploring glass beads and the many ways it can complete or be completed by different materials.
  My favorite technique is what I call ‘Gravity Works’ where I combine different colors and let the glass droop the hardest part is to make sure my beautiful blob of glass doesn’t end up on the table.
  The other style of beads I’m getting more and more into is floral beads. I enjoy combining techniques from various artists and coming up with something different.
  I try to take classes with experienced bead makers such as Jim Smircich, Larry Brickman and Lauri Copeland because I believe there is always something to be learned.
  In my beads, jewelry and art, I try to capture the movement and spontaneity of the ocean waves, the colours and depth of gardens and a hint of light and warmth of the sunshine.
  If you would like to get in touch with me for more information on my qualifications email me at
  Thank you for supporting handmade products.
  Ana Cristina