To make glass beads, also known as Lampworked beads, involves a Propane/ Oxygen torch, a mandrel, colored glass rods, a kiln and an artist that is not flame shy.

I use a Nortel Major Burner torch for the Borosilicate glass and a Mini CC Carlyle torch for the Italian glass .

The Italian glass I use are Effetre (Moretti), Vetrofond (Murano). I also use Borosilicate glass from Glass Alchemy and NorthStar.

I anneal my beads for a minimum of 1 hour, using a multi parts kiln connected to a digital controller. Annealing makes the glass bead more resistant to impact, by stabilizing the molecules in the glass.

Once the beads are cool they are removed from the mandrels, cleaned and reamed to eliminate any sharp edges. After all they are made of glass.

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